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Suprema hosted 10th Suprema Global Partner Program

Suprema, a leading global provider of technology in biometrics and security, announced that the company successfully hosted its 10th Suprema Global Partner Program (SGPP)

Jan 2017
FST Biometrics- In Motion Identification, Secure Access Control, Biometrics, Facial Recognition

In a world of urbanization, globalization and technology ubiquity, providing a secure access solution for facilities, places and information is of



Mayflex Uncover Fraudulent Activities

July 2017, Mayflex the distributor of Converged IP Solutions has recently uncovered a number of fraudulent activities whereby the fraudsters are pretending to work for accredited customers …

Jan 2017
Back2you.com – Vehicle GPS Tracking, Fleet GPS Tracking, Personal GPS Tracking

It is a fact that the cost of mobile data and tracking hardware has dropped dramatically over the past 12 months but our competitors have not passed on that cost saving to their customers.

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