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Daily Archives: 2017-06-07 12:28:58

An Argument for Unannounced (Virtual) Drills

An Argument for Unannounced (Virtual) Drills. Events can be separated into two categories – conventional and unconventional.  Conventional events happen all the time; we plan for their likelihood, stock equipment and materials, and train accordingly.  These events because we’ve prepared for them are usually managed pretty effectively. Unconventional events, on the other hand are just […]

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Explosives and Small Arms

Explosives and Small Arms. UK based explosives detection dogs and handlers X9K9 UK specialists, our operational arms and explosives search dogs (AES) are the only AES dogs in Europe trained with the latest up to date terrorist substances, which include UN tangents, markers and TATP. Short and long-term contracts, with a rapid deployment planning in […]

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Drug Detection Dogs

Drugs, cash and small arms drug detection dogs and handlers at X9K9 All our dog and handlers are licenced and trained by UK Government Home Office approved instructors. The dogs are specifically trained to find MDMA, cocaine, heroin and cannabis, including all substance combinations and derivatives. All x9k9’s working dogs are independently assessed by Association […]

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Security Protection Dogs

Security Protection dogs for high profile events, VIPs and facilities VIPs, high profile events, construction sites, film/tv sets, recycling centres, just to list a number of areas we are available for deployment. Trained to the highest standards of operational protection and for deployment specifically in your areas, we provide dogs and handlers solely for the […]

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