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Daily Archives: 2017-09-18 11:15:33

Vehicle safety film

AGT are market leaders in the installation of Security and Privacy Vehicle safety film. We have some of the most experienced window filming installation teams anywhere in the world. When experts need to make their fleets safer, they turn to AGT and Glass Shield. What is Glass Shield? Glass Shield is a protective, super strong, […]

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Anti-Shatter (Blast Mitigation) Films

In a bomb blast, a square metre of glass can produce up to 1,800 razor sharp fragments. These flying glass shards cause more damage, injury and death than the explosion itself. AGT Anti-Shatter Films protect Embassies, Government, United Nations, Corporate and Commercial buildings across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the UK. Our anti-shatter and […]

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AssetWatcher – Smart Secure Storage

Morse Watchmans has leveraged our management systems expertise with AssetWatcher, bringing smart secure storage into the modern era. These RFID-enabled locker systems allow you to secure and track your valuable assets, supporting over 10,000 users on a single system. Like our leading key management systems KeyWatcher and KeyWatcher Touch, AssetWatcher tracks who removes and replaces […]

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