archive-title Daily Archives: 2020-02-18 12:52:57

Daily Archives: 2020-02-18 12:52:57

Biometrics now incorporated with Inner Range’s Inception

A new firmware update for Inner Range’s intelligent access control system Inception means users can present biometric credentials as well as traditional access cards to gain entry. Facial recognition, fingerprint scans and iris scans can all now be used as access credentials and this allows for more advanced security configurations for clients. For example, during […]

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Automated actions triggered by user-counts for Inner Range’s Inception

Access control manufacturer Inner Range has released a new update for it’s Entry-level product Inception, allowing operators to set automated actions in response to specific user numbers. Automated actions based on user-count triggers include being able to change heating and air conditioning depending on the number of people on site, or in a particular area, […]

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