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The Ajax Alarm Panic Button: How It Works

Using enhanced technology, the Ajax Wireless Security System is your all in one security system that helps to detect intruders, fire and water to protect your home of business from all eventualities. But, the benefits don’t stop there. The Ajax Wireless Security System also comes with a built in panic button and alarm to help […]

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EU’s tallest building complete with Forge visitor management and Inner Range access control

The tallest building in the European Union, Varso Place in Warsaw, Poland, is now live with Forge Bluepoint visitor management and Inner Range intelligent access control. Forge Bluepoint, Forge’s cloud-based visitor management solution was chosen by Varso Place’s developer HB Reavis after the firm researched  the market and found it could provide a   great experience […]

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Inner Range offers integration with 2N intercom

Access control and security systems manufacturer Inner Range has announced a new integration option for customers with specialist intercoms from 2N. Inner Range’s intelligent integrated access control and security system Integriti can now integrate with 2N’s IP-based intercom systems. 2N products, allow secure and comfortable communication across even the most complex commercial sites with multiple […]

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Installing Sputtered Neutral 35

We were contacted by our client who asked us for a solution to their heat and glare problem in their building on Cobalt Business Park in Newcastle. They also asked us if we could keep the glass looking as natural as possible. Tintfit recommended our Sputtered Neutral 35 because this film is designed especially to […]

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Biometrics now incorporated with Inner Range’s Inception

A new firmware update for Inner Range’s intelligent access control system Inception means users can present biometric credentials as well as traditional access cards to gain entry. Facial recognition, fingerprint scans and iris scans can all now be used as access credentials and this allows for more advanced security configurations for clients. For example, during […]

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Automated actions triggered by user-counts for Inner Range’s Inception

Access control manufacturer Inner Range has released a new update for it’s Entry-level product Inception, allowing operators to set automated actions in response to specific user numbers. Automated actions based on user-count triggers include being able to change heating and air conditioning depending on the number of people on site, or in a particular area, […]

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Vemotion VB-26

The new VB-26 from Vemotion is a very small form factor 4 channel live video transmitter and recorder with an integrated cellular modem. The VB-26 is designed to stream high-quality live video over wireless and mobile networks with ultra-low latency and high-efficiency video encoding. The ability of the VB-26 to deliver quality video even over […]

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Morgan GRP Gatehouses

Morgan Marines GRP and Steel Gatehouses are designed to suit individual specifications and applications. Our Heavy duty, low maintenance GRP and Steel gatehouses can be fitted out with a range of options from varying insulation levels and air conditioning through to full WC / Kitchen installations. Our GRP and Steel Gatehouses are available in a […]

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SDI received a request from a client to send two Security Drivers and a full security team to a location in mainland Spain to deliver high value assets to a client

This entailed the team travelling by air and hiring cars in-country to make the delivery, as no suitable service providers could be found in the area that met the client’s insurers requirements. The team spent three days in total in the area carrying out recce’s, planning and all the usual requirements to enable such a […]

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