Electronic pickpocketing is on the rise now

Electronic pickpocketing is on the rise now

Many UK businesses believe that they are taking the correct security precautions by using Electronic Access Control cards. However, many users are scarily unaware that these cards can be easily cloned in a matter of seconds from just a short distance away, allowing criminals to partake in electronic pickpocketing – gain easy access to your premises.

This is achieved by thieves using easily accessible devices to scan and retrieve information from the cards Radio Frequency Identification chip (known as RFID.)

This chip works by responding automatically to a signal sent out by a reader once within range. The chip then gives out the encrypted access code, the door reader recognises the code and unlocks.

What people are unaware of, however, is that the access card carried by staff, visitors or contractors may give up its code to ANY reader operating on that radio frequency. Therefore, while your buildings electronic ‘keys’ are being carried, often visibly, by the holder, a third party with a concealed scanner can scan targeted RFID enabled access cards and write that scan to a blank card.

RFID Secure Ltd, is presenting a secure solution to prevent electronic pickpocketing – the Classic BloxProx Badgeholder.

The simple but effective device prevents the access card from being read and sends out a false code to the hacker.

Never been seen before in the UK, the BloxProx card holders were launched at IFSEC in June 2015.

The Patented Secure product was first invented in the USA where over a million have already been sold to the FBI, Government, Security Services and industry.

Robin Rager, Director at RFID Secure commented:

“Businesses spend thousands on security but 90% of them don’t realise the weakest link is in the access cards.

Our Secure BloxProx Badgeholders ensure the risk of illegal cloning is completely eliminated. This ground breaking device protects 125 KHz access cards, as well as protecting ISO standard 13.56MHz Access and ID cards. The patented ‘squeeze to read’ technology is effectively an on-off switch, giving the user complete control over when the chip can be read.

Another growing problem is the scanning of RFID chips in credit and debit cards, passports and transport cards. This allows thieves access to private and sensitive personal information. Together with the BloxProx cardholders, RFID Secure has developed a range of protective equipment such as wallets, purses and secure sleeves that will protect the RFID chip and keep your details safe.

Robin explained:

“Recent studies have shown that the number of people falling victim to identity theft in the UK has risen by over a third in the last year.”

“As the UK and European distributor for the premier range of RFID blocking products, we offer a range of RFID solutions that give invaluable protection against the very real risk of electronic invasion of your security. “Our mission is to provide peace of mind to users of RFID systems. It is extremely important that people understand these risks and take action to protect themselves and their information. For just a small cost you can be secure in the fact that you, your business and you information is safe.”

All of RFID SECURE’s product, including the innovative BloxProx has been endorsed and accredited by the Home Office under their Secured By Design program. They were also a Finalist for the New and Best Innovative Product of the year at the Security and Fire Excellence Awards which is a fantastic achievement for the company.

RFID Secure will be attending a number of conferences and trade shows including the Counter Terror Show, in order to raise awareness of the dangers of Electronic invasion, identity theft and to promote their ground breaking products.