Elmdene: Introducing our New CCTV PSU Range

Elmdene: Introducing our New CCTV PSU Range

Elmdene International has just announced the launch of a new 12V dc CCTV PSU Range, available in 4A and 8A versions.

This unique range offers the installer a professional and neat termination junction within the PSU enclosure for the video signals between the camera and DVR, ensuring an easy and efficient installation. This is accomplished by utilising the 4 or 8-way BNC ‘Loop IN – Loop OUT’ connections provided on the Fused Output Modules.

Providing flexibility and saving time on installation
Not only are these units easy to connect but the enclosures are of a low-profile and compact design, with large cable access at the rear.

Key Features:

12V dc 4A & 8A models
Video ‘loop through’ connections for neat termination (75Ω)
Individual Fused Outputs
PTC or Glass Fuse (jumper selectable)