Fly-tipper hit with £850 bill advised to head to ‘cheaper’ council recycling site

Fly-tipper hit with £850 bill advised to head to ‘cheaper’ council recycling site

A rubbish dumper caught at a fly-tipping trouble spot was left with an £854 bill and told to use the council-run recycling centre which is ‘a lot cheaper’.

Mahroof Madasar appeared in Nottingham Magistrates Court after he was been spotted on CCTV dumping waste at a car park Colwick Crossings.

The 33-year-old, of Port Arthur Road, Sneinton, told the court he is now aware of the recycling centre on Redfield Road in Lenton.

Presiding magistrate Stephen Dowling said: “We are proud of our city. This sort of thing is an awful problem and the city of Nottingham has its share of it. You have caused it this time.”

The JP then asked him: “Are you aware of the household recycling site on Redfield Road? It’s a lot cheaper.”

Madasar replied: “Definitely. I knew nothing at the time and have now found it is available.”

He was fined £100 but must also pay Nottingham City Council’s costs of £734 plus a £20 government surcharge. The hearing was told that four bags of household rubbish were left in a corner of the car park at 10.32pm on April 3, 2016.

Tamazin Wilson, prosecuting, said: “It is a fly tipping hotspot and the council regularly has to clear deposited waste there.”
Because of the repeated problems, the council began to cover the area with a mobile CCTV unit. This filmed a van arriving and a man unloading four large bags of rubbish. A driver and passenger were recorded.

Madasar was traced through the vehicle’s registration number and was the driver, the court heard.

Mrs Wilson added: “He said that he asked a friend to assist him in removing waste from his garden. He accepted it was his waste and under his control. He didn’t ask permission to place it on the land.”

Madasar pleaded guilty to depositing four bags of household waste in breach of the Environmental Protection Act.

He told the court that the bags had been in his front doorstep. Another Sneinton resident said his father would remove the rubbish for £20 and he handed over the money.
Madasar added: “He said his dad would collect it first thing in the morning. If I had known, I would have left it in my front garden.”

He agreed to pay the court bill by bank credit and the magistrate told him: “Thank you for being so positive about this. I wish you luck in the future.”

Councillor Nicola Heaton, portfolio holder for community services said: “Fly-tipping is an issue the council takes seriously and takes action wherever possible, helping to retain Nottingham’s status as the country’s cleanest city.

“As a stealth crime, it is often difficult to obtain the necessary evidence to prove an offence beyond reasonable doubt. However, in this case the location had become something of a hotspot and we used a camera to capture evidence that resulted in a successful prosecution.

“The use of the camera in that location has led to the area no longer being a hot spot and it continues to be used in other locations to help gather the evidence needed to take cases to court.
“Fly tipping is not only illegal but spoils the appearance of neighbourhoods. Anyone caught fly tipping could receive a fixed penalty notice or as in this case, may be prosecuted and landed with a large legal bill.

“There is no excuse to fly tip. Nottingham City Council is the only council in the country to offer residents a free weekly bulky waste service by appointment, to help them manage large items of household waste.”