Innovative launches new Product Name and Website

Innovative launches new Product Name and Website

Innovative Business Software A/S announces a product name change of its incident management platform, formerly known as interVIEW, to Innovative Security Manager™ (ISM). In alignment with the adoption of the new product name, the company launches a new website.

New name – new possibilities

The new product name, Innovative Security Manager™, provides a better picture of Innovative’s solution and conveys its value as a fully integrated security management platform.

“The incorporation of many new and advanced features in our standard product, has resulted in a product that not only supports alarm reception, but which is a fully integrated digital platform for managing security activities in a broader sense”, explains Jens Middelbo Outzen, CEO at Innovative. “It opens new possibilities for use, both for our existing customers and for new customers with high demands for control of the security situation. We have therefore decided to change our product name to a more meaningful name to better align with the broad functionality of the product”.

A unique opportunity to put even more focus on development

Customers and partners will continue to enjoy the same quality of our products.

“The extended functionalities of ISM mean that we approach new customer segments, which has already led to significant growth at Innovative. This growth provides us with an opportunity to put even more focus on developing our solutions, which will benefit both current and future customers”, Jens Middelbo Outzen, remarks.

New website

Coinciding with Innovative’s new product name, the company presents a new website (, which offers a quick, easy and more user-friendly overview of our incident management solutions. Datasheets, news articles, case studies and reports work together to provide detailed information of ISM’s capabilities across a wide range of sectors, including private security alarm receiving centres, public authorities, airports, universities and industrial facilities.