Innovative Business Software A/S is a Danish company, which since 1982 has specialised in developing incident management software for private and public alarm receiving centres and alarm monitoring stations. Today we are one of the leading providers of integrated incident management solutions.

  • Development exclusively focuses on software intended for various forms of intelligent monitoring and alarm handling
  • Solutions tailored to individual customer requirements
  • Customer only pays for the specific functionality used
  • Extensions and add-ons can be made without new and large investments

The technological development is moving fast, and we fully admit that most products may look different tomorrow. We therefore listen closely to our customers by for instance arranging user groups to provide us with wishes and ideas for future versions. These meetings gives us input abut what future versions should include and ensure that the development takes place in accordance with the needs of tomorrow and customer needs.


Customers are our livelihood. Consequently, it is essential that we always deliver what they need and that the investment can be seen on both efficiency and as a good investment.

  • We strive to preserve the value of the customer’s investment
  • The customer should have the exact service needed at any time
  • We want our customer relationships to last many years
  • The customer only needs one supplier and one solution for monitoring – regardless whether it is IT, deployment, buildings or anything else that needs to be secured
  • Continue to remain among the leading suppliers of monitoring and alarm handling systems
  • All Innovative staff must always live up to our stringent demands for quality and customer satisfaction

Our professional and competent staff actively participates in all parts of the process: development, implementation, and support. Our customers are loyal, and they make great demands on us – demands we meet by ensuring a close dialogue on opportunities and challenges. We primarily develop our solutions based on standard software, as adapted and adjusted to the final solution to suit individual customer needs.

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