key control softwareMorse Watchmans Inc. – Key Control Software and Key Management Systems. Controlling keys is a big part a company’s security and no one offers more options for automated key control than Morse Watchmans, the security industry’s leading provider of key control Software, key security and key and asset management solutions.

The U.S.-based company has an international presence and its state-of-the-art automated access technology offers efficient management of key control and storage across a broad range of applications. Morse Watchmans key control systems are found in end-user markets such as casinos and gaming, correctional facilities, healthcare institutions, hospitality businesses, multi-family buildings and educational facilities. It is also a critical function for anyone overseeing security at conference centers, government agencies, control rooms, automotive businesses and corporate buildings.

Developed in the 1990’s as a replacement for lock boxes and peg boards, Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher® system was built to incorporate several innovative and time-saving features. Previously, keys were controlled manually and record keeping entailed hand-written index log books or individual receipt cards. The system from Morse Watchmans eliminated these manual procedures by electronically limiting access. KeyWatcher allowed for keys to be stored in a locked storage cabinet that accounted for each user by individual access code allowing for keys to be secured and released to authorized users while reporting the specific dates and times.

Key control systems from Morse Watchmans are constructed so that each key is locked into place inside a stainless steel cabinet using a locking device which has an integrated chip. Users can only remove a key to which he or she is authorized to use by entering a pre-programmed PIN code or scanning their access card or biometric identification. If the criteria entered matches the information stored in the system database, the key cabinet will unlock and the necessary key can be removed or returned. The activity is automatically recorded.

From its initial introduction in 1993, the KeyWatcher system has been continually upgraded and enhanced to meet the changing market requirements. Based on customer requests, many new components have been added and the system has been expanded to accommodate more key locations and users. System flexibility and versatility however have remained key benefits of Morse Watchmans key control and asset management systems. A system can be configured to the exact needs of the facility with custom solutions that include multiple key modules, lockers, biometric access (i.e. hand readers, iris recognition) and versatile installation options. And, the system can be expanded or reconfigured as needs change.

Customer feedback has played an important role in Morse Watchman’s product development strategy. Changing market needs such as Ethernet connectivity, enterprise-wide solutions, and easy to use, friendly features can be implemented quickly and effectively because the company has control of its own technical destiny. Product designers work closely with engineering, manufacturing and marketing to help ensure that new products and product upgrades are wanted and needed in the marketplace.

Recent market requests incorporated into Morse Watchmans new KeyWatcher Touch system include integration of multiple locations, with common usage of databases and programming; an instrument-grade touch screen 7-inch LCD display and a user friendly electronic interface with step-by-step instructions; computerized reporting and specialized alert notifications. Other unique system features recently developed by Morse Watchmans include KeyAnywhere which allows the return of any key to any KeyWatcher cabinet in the system and KeyFind, which allows queries to quickly locate a specific key, determine what keys have not been returned or when a key will become overdue.

Increasingly, environmental concerns are taken into consideration when new technology solutions are adopted and key control systems are no exception. For example, bike sharing programs at universities, corporate and commercial locations use keys that are controlled and stored in an automated key management system. As well, multi-site networked systems allow users to return keys to any cabinet location. Advanced systems provide the location of each key in the system so time and energy are not wasted in looking for keys.

The company is also widely known for their all-in-one guard tour systems. Morse Watchmans hand-held PowerCheck® guard tour systems simplify procedures and tasks for security officers and help to eliminate paperwork. Efficient and accurate, the data recorder revolutionizes guard tours with total asset protection. Featuring multiple tour capabilities, integrated functions and reporting options, it’s an affordable solution that can also help limit an organization’s exposure to liability issues and provide measurements for accountability.

Morse Watchmans’ state-of-the-art key management (KeyWatcher and KeyWatcher Touch), secure locker systems, guard tour systems and key rings, are modular, reliable, easy to use and scalable.

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