live video streaming for wireless CCTVVemotion specializes in live video compression and streaming solutions, delivering high quality video for covert surveillance, specialist & military operations across a variety of networks.

Vemotion’s unique video compression techniques provide high video quality at less bandwidth, whilst transmission protocols deliver ultra-low latency and high reliability over wireless and unreliable or congested networks.

Products include discrete and covert units, body worn systems, wireless cctv, ruggedized in-vehicle cctv systems, pole mounted rapid deployable cctv cameras, rack mounted systems and software codecs.

Rapid Deployment / Demountable Wireless CCTV Pole Mounted Cameras

For the ultimate in integrated surveillance capability look no further than Vemotion’s plug and play deployable camera Polecam units.

The Vemotion Polecam deployable camera products come in a number of options, from lightweight and small to highly ruggedised.

Simply pick which deployment option is best for you. All Polecams contain Vemotion encoders and recorders and just require a SIM card and power to operate.

All have PTZ and can be controlled remotely via the Vemotion intelligent software or industry-standard VMS platforms, both IP and Analogue.

Mains and battery-powered options are available.

Plug & Play technology gets them all connected the moment they are switched on.

Designed for ease of use and a single person set up, technical support is always just a phone call away.

VB-PCMN – Mini Polecam (1080p x 20x optical zoom)

At just 3.5kg, the lightweight Mini Polecam can be up and running within minutes.

VB-PCMX – Maxi Polecam (1080p x 30x optical zoom)

While perfect for fixed, permanent deployment, the Maxi Polecam is ideal for those situations where rapid deployment is necessary.

VB-PCRD – Ruggedised Predator Polecam (1080p x 30x optical zoom)

A tough, rugged deployable camera for challenging scenarios. The VB-PCRD Predator Polecam is a ruggedised deployable camera designed for the ultimate rugged, rapid-deployment solution.

Video Encoders

Vemotion video encoders are easy to use, plug and play, highly efficient video compression and transmission components, transmitting quality live video over very low bandwidth connections, such as 3G, 4G and GPRS and satellite, reliably and effectively.

Ease of use is a high priority. There is a lot of complexity involved in providing video services, and Vemotion wraps all that up in an easy to use and reliable system so the customer can get on with their job without worrying about the technology… simply pick which encoder is best for your situation.

Vemotion software only encoder packages

For those who have their own hardware platforms and just need encoder software.  Encoder software only packages contain all necessary components needed to set up and run a Vemotion encoder platform.

Modular Encoders

Vemotion modular encoders are hardware encoders in a modular form.

Our modular encoders are fully capable and configured devices ready to go. Deploy them on their own as supplied, or house them in suitable locations or housings yourself.

Cased Encoders

If you need an integrated deployment unit or simply a weatherproof solution for your Vemotion encoder, then our cased encoders may be right for you.

Ranging from general purpose weatherproof housings to fully ruggedized Milspec options, there will be something in our cased encoders range to suit your requirements. If you need something more specific, we also design and deliver bespoke casing solutions.

Server Products

The Vemotion Streaming Server (VSS) is the hub of the Vemotion solution and connects the encoders and viewers whilst providing user management and permissions function.

Our VSS is software based and can be delivered as a software package for customers to install in their own hardware.

If preferred Vemotion can also supply the hardware and can also host the server on our own secure data centres.

Product options:

  • Linux OS software only
  • Windows OS software only
  • Hardware server option – tower or rackmount
  • Hosted Solution on Vemotion Datacentres
  • Onvif Bridge for integration to Onvif VMS platforms
  • Analogue output hardware for integration to legacy matrices

Viewer Products

There are several ways to view live video streams through the Vemotion solution.

At the heart of the transmission system is the V-TX transmission protocol which is optimised for keeping the streams reliable and consistent, even over harsh network conditions. V-TX protocol is much more appropriate for this kind of application than standard video delivery protocols such as RTSP for example.

Vemotion live video stream viewing software is designed to give you full control and access to the Vemotion capabilities through the Vemotion Streaming Server. This includes selection of encoder, camera switching, recording control, bandwidth control, GPS, recorded footage review and download, PTZ control and more. Simply log in to each Vemotion viewer to connect and view.

Vemotion viewer product options

  • V264Player software for Windows
  • Android viewer software
  • IoS viewer software
  • V-Proxy Onvif bridge software for VMS and Web browser viewing
  • Matrix Viewer software for analogue output (require relevant hardware)





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