privacy window filmsTintfit install safety and security window film worldwide and with over 25 years in the industry we pride ourselves on offering a knowledgeable service with second to none workmanship. All of our products have all been tested in laboratories, meet UK regulations and come with EU fire ratings. We back all our products when professionally installed with some of the industries longest warranties. This along with our reputation for quality products at an affordable price, has made Tintfit one of the market leaders in window film.

Anti shatter safety & security film

Typically used in a residential, office and small business environment.

Our range of safety and security films are designed and tested to hold glass in place in the event of an accidental or intentional impact. The glass may crack or even shatter but would be held together by the film.

Our films can deter opportunist thieves, protect property and prevent injury in the event of an impact and also greatly reduce the time and expense cleaning up after a window breakage.

These films can be combined with solar films to offer even more benefits or can be installed as an ultra-clear film so that it is virtually undetectable once installed.

Available in a range of thicknesses to suit your needs, the films meet all British and European standards for impact testing including but not limited to BS 6206, EN12600 and EN356.

Can also be used to upgrade glazing to comply with workplace health, safety and welfare regulations act and bring the existing glass up to British Standard EN12600(2B2) without the need of replacing the existing glazing.

Bomb blast (blast mitigation) film

Typically used in areas and industries at risk of attack and potential explosions.

Our bomb blast protection films offer all the above benefits of our anti shatter films and in addition protect against the risk of bomb blast or explosion.

These films can and have saved countless lives. The number one cause of fatalities in the event of an explosion is flying glass. Our films are designed and tested to hold dangerous shards of glass in place in the event of an explosion.

These films can also be combined with an edge retention anchoring system to offer even more protection where required.

Privacy film

Numerous privacy films are available to resolve different issues –

One way privacy film – these films work by reflecting light and blocking vision one way whilst allowing vison the other way.

Privacy strips and manifestations – usually installed in a frosted finish these films are ideal for glass partitions and areas where complete privacy is vital e.g. boardrooms.

Casper film – a relatively new product which is perfect for complying with GDPR regulations. This film is clear and once applied to glass will prevent the vision of any computer or tv screens through the glass.

Other films

We also offer a huge range of other products and services including, UV protection, Anti-graffiti, Insulation, Anti condensation and window and wall graphics.

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