X-ray scanning security equipmentFounded in 1950, Todd Research is a global expert in threat detection X-ray equipment for safety and security. We have a proud history of designing, manufacturing and supplying Cabinet X-ray scanners, Conveyor X-ray scanners, metal detectors and blast suppression equipment across a diverse range of public and private market channels.


Our expertise lies in the development, supply and maintenance of X-ray, metal detection and blast suppression equipment for public and private organisations of all sizes.

Since developing the world’s first mailroom X-ray scanner in 1973, we have expanded our product range to cover a wide range of security solutions, each designed to aid the detection of suspect devices, including Conveyor X-ray Scanners, Cabinet X-ray Scanners, metal detection and blast suppression equipment. Our history, experience and world-renowned expertise sets us apart from our competitors. With a highly skilled team focusing on research and development, we provide innovative solutions that suit the specific requirements of every customer we work with.

Cabinet X-ray Scanners

Cabinet X-ray scanners provide a compact, cost effective threat detection solution without the space requirements and operating costs of a conveyor based X-ray system. At Todd Research we have extensive experience with cabinet scanners and offer a choice of two innovative products in this space, each catering for different business requirements.
The mid-size TR15 cabinet scanner is the most popular model in the Todd Research range. With its generous 1.44mᶟ chamber it meets the demands of almost all busy mail room situations while taking up minimal operating space. The TR15 Smart Scan comes equipped with the EPD™ (Enhanced Powder Detection) feature, the scanner has a heightened ability to threats conveyed via powder-based elements.

The very latest generation TR40 +Smart Scan is the largest cabinet scanner in the range, the generous chamber can accommodate mail sacks, large boxes and courier deliveries, with its one touch operation the TR40 allows rapid processing of scanned items all within a compact footprint.

Conveyor X-ray Scanners

Todd Research is a leading supplier of conveyor x-ray scanners and baggage scanning systems. Our image recognition technology quickly and easily identifies the material composition of scanned objects and enables (TIP) Threat Image Projection; a virtual image management tool, which ensures that screening performance is always maximised.
Todd Research have a range of Conveyor X-ray scanners to suit individual requirements, providing effective inspection of small bags and parcels, to hand-held baggage, luggage and large cargo.

Our latest TR50 and TR70 Conveyor X-ray Scanners come with bi-directional scanning ability, automatic belt control, optional Automatic Detection System (ADS) and image enhancement tools. With a large range of Conveyor X-ray Scanners to offer, Todd Research are confident we can provide the right product to suit your requirements.

Metal Detection Systems

Todd Research offers a range of state-of-the-art metal detection systems, ranging from various walk-through detectors and hand held metal detectors for security screening to the innovative Search Pole range.

The PD6500i Walk Through Archway utilizes Garrett’s exclusive digital signal processor (DSP)-based technology to provide superior target detection coverage on the left, centre and right side of the body from head to toe. Zone adjustment enables maximum detection regardless of environmental challenges. Easy-to view eye-level pacing lights with international “wait” and “proceed” symbols on the entrance side of each panel.

The TR360, TR360-HT and TR36PRO+ Search Pole’s patented, core technology platform is the most portable full body scan system available worldwide and the latest technological advancement for large weapon threat detection.  These search poles use ferromagnetic detection, making them ideal for detecting items containing significant amounts of ferrous materials, such as knives, guns and mobile phones.

Mobile Trace Detection

With today’s heightened threat of terrorism, security professionals at nuclear power plants, embassies, high-risk facilities, transportation, and government agencies are exploring explosives trace detection equipment, as part of a robust security strategy to help protect the public and vital infrastructure from threats.

The TR-TRACE mobile trace unit can detect and identify a wide variety of explosives including pure explosive and composite explosives under different humidity and pressure conditions in vapour or trace (particles mode).
The TR-TRACE is efficient both indoors and outdoors at temperatures above zero, it does not contain any radiation sources, it does not require any special consumables and it has a warm up time of less than 1 minute.

TR-TRACE is easy to use, and no special training is required. Presence of explosives in the sample are visualized on the device’s LCD display or on any Wi-Fi device that can work as a remote control.

X-ray Scanner Servicing and Maintenance

Regardless of the size of your organisation or the budget available, it is imperative that your security machines are maintained to a safe and functional standard. Todd Research offer a range of maintenance packages to cater for the requirements of all businesses. To ensure compliance with the Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 (IRR17) and maximise uptime, we can carry out pre-planned service calls to safety check and subsequently certify your machinery as safe and functional.

As well as being able to Service and Maintain a wide range of X-ray Scanner models, not just those manufactured by us, we also offer free certified operator training and refresher training, and competitive prices with a market leading service.





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