Veracity delivers innovative, intelligent solutions that solve real-world IP video challenges in transmission, storage and display.  For over a decade, our products and designs have been trusted and recommended by security system integrators, enterprise clients and major industry partners.  The solid foundations of our in-depth expertise and our highly-talented team enables us to work with key companies in the industry, continuously creating new opportunities and growth for ourselves and our partners.

In January 2017, Veracity UK Ltd acquired icomply (I-Comply Ltd), the UK’s leading software provider of integrated Command and Control security solutions, and whose innovative modular software solution supports a range of access control, CCTV, fire, alarm and other security equipment vendors.

With offices in the UK at Prestwick (HQ) and Leeds (I-Comply Ltd), Dallas in Texas (Veracity USA Inc), Dubai (UAE) and New Delhi (icomply India), we are well-positioned to provide global coverage supported by local knowledge and experience.


Veracity offers a full range of IP transmission products designed for IP video, including industry-leading Ethernet-over-coax adaptors, network extenders and long-range wired Ethernet transceivers, all with POE.  Veracity’s extensive product range also includes Master NTP time servers, IP camera installation tools, and POE network switches, including 12/24V versions for vehicle applications.  Veracity’s IP products are sold throughout the world via integrators, distributors and partners.  The products have a strong reputation for innovative design, high quality, reliability, and very long lifetimes.


Veracity is the pioneer of the first storage solution designed specifically for IP video surveillance.  Veracity COLDSTORE™ surveillance storage systems provide the highest possible levels of hard disk reliability and the longest file retention periods whilst simultaneously delivering a 90% reduction in energy consumption versus conventional RAID storage solutions.  COLDSTORE customers have benefited from a dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership for high capacity storage across applications as diverse as city surveillance, stadia, hospitality, healthcare, retail, logistics, banking/finance, prisons and transportation.


Veracity’s third product area involves the display and presentation of not just video, but also system information and status monitoring, aimed at improving and simplifying the management of larger surveillance systems.  Veracity’s aim is to deliver critical monitoring functions in a highly visual and concise manner, reducing operator training costs and improving overall system efficiency. The recent acquisition of icomply is a natural fit for the company and enables Veracity to expand its strategy of delivering high-end security solutions at a lower total cost of ownership whilst helping system integrators and consultants offer better value to our customers.

System Combination

TRINITY™ combines transmission, storage and display into a single highly efficient system. Veracity’s emerging surveillance architecture is an industry-leading direct-to-storage technology that exploits the power of intelligent IP cameras, recording directly to COLDSTORE hard disk arrays with advanced fail-over, scalability and system resilience features.  This overall approach epitomises the key Veracity values of innovation, simplicity and integrity.

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