LEGIC and MIFARE DESFire modules with USB interface

LEGIC and MIFARE DESFire modules with USB interface

ProxTech International, developer of NFC/RFID read-/write systems, is offering two new RFID COMPACT modules, based on LEGIC and NXP reader chips. LEGIC and MIFARE DESFire modules with USB interface

Modern applications often require versatile modules for integration in a wide range of terminals and machines. This integration is commonly done via standard communication methods such as USB or serial RS23 TTL or RS485 interfaces. Mostly also space is a very important criterium, thus making dimensions of the integration module very important.

To meet these modern requirements, extremely small compact modules have been developed for LEGIC, MIFARE and MIFARE DESFire applications with integrated USB interface.

The RFID LEGIC module and the RFID Mifare module are pin-compatible, i.e. the modules are interchangeable one-to-one, offering significant advantages of flexibility of integration of RFID.

During the development, special goals were set for compact dimensions (31 x 26 x 4 mm) and technical integration flexibility (3.3 V DC to 5,0V DC).

For customizations, 4 digital I/O ports are optionally available for the user. The simple command structure makes it possible to integrate the module in a wide range of applications without much effort.

The data transfer is done standard via USB (HID mode, keyboard emulation) or a serial TTL connection. When needed, also a connection via USB virtual COM-port can be offered. Optionally where needed, the modules can also be equipped for clock & data, Wiegand or real RS232 interfaces.

The application domains are various, such as e.g. POS terminals, automation, time & attendance, vending machines, RFID readers and handhelds, etc.


  • RFID technology supported (depending on module version)
    • 56 MHz LEGIC Prime, LEGIC Advant
    • MIFARE Classic, DESFire EV1, Plus S/X, Ultralight
    • NFC (ISO 18092)
    • ISO14443A/B
    • ISO15693
    • Sony Felica
    • HID iClass
    • Inside Contactless
  • Compact dimensions : 31 x 26 x 4 mm
  • Interface : TTL, USB (HID mode or virtual COM), RS232, Wiegand, Clock&Data
  • Power supply : 3.3 V DC to 5,0V DC


LEGIC and MIFARE DESFire modules with USB interface