NOMAD Multicam HD

NOMAD Multicam HD

NOMAD Multicam HD

The NOMAD Multicam HD has recently become available within the redeployable surveillance market.

The unit comprises of 3 x 2 mega-pixel, PTZ cameras with full Infra-red as an option. There is also a downward facing HD Bullet camera for self-preservation surveillance.

The 8Tb Hard Drive allows for 24/7 recording at 1080p for a period of over 30 days.

The Router allows for Wi-Fi and 4G transmission.

The NOMAD Multicam HD IR is capable of capturing Number Plate information on a moving vehicle at a range of 80+ metres is complete darkness (without the use of ANPR).

20x zoom capability is available on request.

The latest success of the NOMAD system has come within London. The London Borough of Enfield have been successfully using the NOMAD systems to capture and prosecute environmental criminals.

Using our Number Plate Capture system, they were able to identify the driver, the passenger and the number plate of the vehicle, all in the cover of night time.


NOMAD Multicam HD   NOMAD Multicam HD