Personal computer/Smart card or PC/SC

Personal computer/Smart card or PC/SC

Personal computer/Smart card or PC/SC is a standard that allows computers to interface with smartcards, and is available on most operating systems, including Windows and Linux. It has been developed to facilitate the introduction of smart cards into the world of PCs. The advantage of PC/SC is that applications do not have to connect through a specific and different interface of the smart card reader to communicate with the smart card. This application can function with any reader that complies with the PC/SC standard.

At the time that PC/SC was designed, smartcards were only contact cards. When it comes to RFID (such as Mifare or LEGIC for instance), RFID readers often fail to comply with PC/SC. Fortunately, ProxTech’s MULTITOP PC/SC readers enables the use of MIFARE or LEGIC cards on PC/SC systems, by using an embedded interpreter, converting “classical smartcard commands” into efficient sequences to use with RFID tags.

With the MULTITOP PC/SC reader, every smartcard or RFID application which uses the unique serial number according to PCSC 2.01, is now able to access also the proprietary technology of LEGIC advant and LEGIC prime without any further effort. In order to allow the use of the complete functions set of LEGIC advant and LEGIC prime, a transparent channel is offered by the PC/SC reader driver. In addition to LEGIC prime and advant, further 13.56 MHz RFID technologies, such as MIFARE Classic, DESFire EV1, ICode, … can be used also if the corresponding configuration settings have been implemented.

The MULTITOP PC/SC reader is available as either a complete ready-to-connect desktop device in a slim black or white housing (MULTITOP) or as pcb only without housing for direct integration in any application (MULTITOP/PCB).

Therefore, these systems are ideally suited for a wide variety of applications in both automation and security.

Amongst many other applications, this reader with PC/SC interface can be e.g. used for :

  • Single sign-on for ICT-networks
  • Identification
  • ICT access control
  • Workflow management