ProxTech presents a full range of USB card readers

ProxTech presents a full range of USB card readers

ProxTech presents a full range of USB card readers. The MULTITOP reader series is ProxTech’s complete range of desktop card readers and reader modules, designed for easy integration into various applications. The ultra-modern design and state- of-the-art reading performances allow a maximal performance and flexibility.

Other than the standard RFID card readers with a wiegand, clock/data or serial interface, ProxTech’s desktop readers and modules offer a handy USB interface to connect to the host system.

Besides this USB interface, the electronic board is also equipped with a serial V24 interface in case a USB connection is not available on the host. Optionally the reader can also be supplied with a TTL or RS485 interface.

Multitude of technologies supported

These readers and modules support a large number of different transponder types, both on 125 kHz as on 13.56 MHz, including

all major transponder technologies such as Mifare Classic, DESFire, Plus and Ultralight; Legic Prime and Advant; HID Prox and iClass; Calypso, Tag-It, Felica, ISO14443A/B, ISO15693, EM, Hitag, Temic, Unique, Zoodiac, and many more… And even a UHF version is available on our versatile MULTITOP range!

User-configurable or preconfigured

The standard version of the reader simply outputs the serial number or UID code of the transponder in either a decimal or hexadecimal code.

In case a different setup is required, the reader can be ordered pre-configured according to the specs of the user. Shortly we will also be releasing a handy and easy-to-use configuration software tool.

Choice of operation modes

The desktop USB reader or reader pcb is capable of supporting several modes of operation :

Keyboard Emulation (USB HID Device)

Emulating a Virtual Serial Port (via FTDI = all OS drivers downloadable)

Transparent mode with direct access to the RFID module

Keyboard emulation mode : This is the default mode for USB devices. No drivers are required for running the device in a typical environment like Windows XP or Linux. Any output from the reader to the host is sent like keyboard input from a user. These sent characters are displayed at the current position of the cursor on the screen of the computer.

Note that the communication between reader and host computer is unidirectional. There is no possibility to send data from the host to the reader. When this is required, you always have the possibility of emulating a serial port.

Virtual serial port emulation : Optionally, the USB reader can be configured to emulate a virtual serial port. This mode of operation is preferred when a direct communication between application and reader is required. This mode also enables a bidirectional communication between the host and the reader. The communication protocol is identical to a reader with a physical V24 interface.

The virtual serial port interface is built around the commonly-used FTDI chip, which offers the advantage of the necessary drivers for all operating systems being simply downloadable.

In fact, there is even a third possible interface method : transparent mode. In this mode, a direct link is established between the reader core chip and the host. Now you have full control over the behavior and reading functionalities of the reader.

NFC for the highest security standard

When a higher security standard is needed for the data transmission, NFC offers the optimal solution. Available for Mifare NFC or Legic NFC, these readers are the best solution around for cashless payment applications such as public transportation, restaurants, etc.

Clean and slim housing for easy integration with other equipment

The desktop readers are supplied in a clean and slim-line design housing which is available in either white or black colour. The front label can optionally be altered to allow for easy personalization of the product.

For integration purposes, the MULTITOP readers can also be supplied as PCB only.


ProxTech presents a full range of USB card readers   ProxTech presents a full range of USB card readers