Secure Badgeholders that shields the RFID chipped cards from electronic invasion and cloning

Secure Badgeholders that shields the RFID chipped cards from electronic invasion and cloning

RFID Secure Ltd is proud to present the Classic Badgeholder with BloxProx.

Never before has it been possible to shield and protect HID 13.5 MHz and 125 KHz frequency Smart Cards from unlawful scanning & cloning but now BloxProx does just that.

All users of electronic Access Control would benefit by using this innovative and affordable product. Providing protection even to older, compromised, protocols like Mifare Classic and now even the DESFire, BloxProx completely prevents the unauthorised scanning of Smart Card RFID keys. Using electronic countermeasures, BloxProx protects against future cracking of next generation security protocols by making the cards effectively electronically invisible.

In Government, Policing, Armed Forces, Finance, Health Care, Education or Corporate Industry or ANY business where security is essential, BloxProx is the only product worldwide, capable of protecting Electronic Access cards from the growing risk and threat of electronic invasion.

There are NO products worldwide from which to draw any comparison, or even differentials.

This is a ground-breaking invention and is under worldwide Patent.

Although protection methods exist for the 13.5 MHz frequency Smart Cards, it has never been possible to effectively shield and protect the HID 125 KHz frequency cards.

Easily bought or home-made scanners can remotely read the RFID chips in Smartcards allowing the real risk of cloning of security keys used in Banks, Offices, Airports, Universities, Hospitals etc.

Industry-standard security measures implemented in Smart Cards for user protection can be easily by-passed with modification. Ensuring complete protection requires additional security. By creating a shield that blocks the ability to power and communicate with the RFID chip, our product protects all information stored on these cards.

The Classic Badgeholder with BloxProx technology effectively is an ‘On-Off’ switch for the embedded RFID chip. Therefore the chip will never respond to an unlawful scan/read without being activated by the card holder. The default position of the ‘On-Off switch’ is Off, therefore preventing an unauthorised read.

This unique product has different configurations, making it suitable for the Tactical/Security Forces sector as well as the Corporate & Industrial sectors.

The Classic Badge holder with BloxProx from RFID Secure Ltd is an invention that reinforces and underpins the security of electronic Access Control. Shielding HID 13.5MHz and 125KHz Access/Smartcards from the risk of electronic scanning and cloning, making even cracked protocol cards safe from invasion by making them ‘invisible’.