Secure Mobile Phones – an affordable solution

Secure Mobile Phones – an affordable solution

Secure Mobile Phones – an affordable solution. We are often asked to advise clients on which is the best system to ensure secure communications when using their mobile or desk based telephones.

The selection is difficult, and there are as many pitfalls as there are choices.

Many options are simply not as secure as they claim to be, others skirt round the security issues present when using third party servers for traffic routing and key identification. You are unlikely to be told that the ‘secure voice’ app you downloaded is only really as secure as the device onto which it is loaded, and as if this is not enough, the price is often the key decider, with many of the better solutions being simply too expensive.

But that has now changed. In association with 5Pro Software, G6 has launched the LYNX7 secure voice service. This system is fully secure using the latest in encryption and protection techniques. We guarantee never to use 3rd party servers for any part of the call set-up or routing and all LYNX7 devices are fully hardened to ensure that Trojans, Viruses and Spyware simply cannot find their way onto the terminal.

The LYNX7 Subscription Service server is hosted in a state of the art data centre with 100% guaranteed network up-time and full redundancy. Alternatively, we can provide you with your own server, hosted and managed at a location of your choice, and fully administered by you for complete peace of mind.

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) option allows an App to be downloaded onto any Android or iOS device and registered with the server. Whilst this is a secure, convenient and easy to manage option, it must also be acknowledged that it is not as secure as the hardware option. Trojans and Viruses can be hidden inside updates for other apps leaving the whole device vulnerable to interception.

LYNX7 now offers an affordable, reliable and manageable option for secure mobile telephony, and this can also be extended to your desk in virtually any iPBX enabled environment.

Lastly, the system is also fully optimised to work over multiple different satellite platforms, so even of you are out of network range, as long as you have WiFi and an external IP connection, you can stay connected.

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