Top Ten Tips for Communication

Top Ten Tips for Communication

Top Ten Tips for Communication Success

PLANNING – Plan the communications element of your operation as thoroughly as you would any other aspect: if you don’t know how, don’t be afraid to ask someone who does.

SELECTION – Choose the right technology; as a rule of thumb use UHF for big cities and VHF for more rural settings.

HEIGHT – The more height you can get for your antenna the further you will be able to communicate.

MOVEMENT – Movement clears blackspots; even moving a few metres can make the difference between a call getting through or not.

GO DIGITAL – Analogue radios are still with us and will be for a long time, but the future is digital.

ACCESSORISE – Research audio accessories and choose the right one for the task; having a variety to choose from gives you options.

BATTERIES – Make sure you have enough for the duration of the task; two spare batteries per radio is ideal and will give 24 hour usage.

CHARGING – As with laptops and tablets and phones, charge your batteries whenever you get the chance.

ANTENNAS – Consider different antenna options for both portables (handhelds) and mobiles giving you operational flexibility.

TRAINING – Consider a short training course to improve your overall knowledge of communications and how your kit works.