Vehicle safety film

Vehicle safety film

AGT are market leaders in the installation of Security and Privacy Vehicle safety film. We have some of the most experienced window filming installation teams anywhere in the world.

When experts need to make their fleets safer, they turn to AGT and Glass Shield.

What is Glass Shield?

Glass Shield is a protective, super strong, high tensile multi-layered polyester based laminate. It’s optically clear, colourless and invisible from both inside and out. It is also scratch resistant, easy to keep clean and is available in clear or slightly tinted versions.

Glass Shield Protection and Security.

Glass Shield is designed to act as a barrier between shattered or splintered glass and the occupants of a vehicle.

When professionally bonded to the inside of the vehicle windows the powerful and pressure sensitive adhesives help bind the glass shards together, so much so, even after major impacts on the glass you could run your hand across the inside surface of the window and it would still feel as smooth as glass!

If the windows should break, Glass Shield will lock the glass within the framework preventing glass shards from entering the vehicle and retaining it within the framework, forming a barrier to those inside.

Glass Shield not only protects from glass shards in the event of an accident or attack, it also greatly reduces the risk of opportunist thieves attempting “Smash and Grab” theft from your vehicle.

Glass Shield will withstand attacks from numerous implements including Hammers, Bricks, Baseball Bats, Spark Plugs, and Metal Punches, protecting your vehicle against almost all attack implements and even the percussion of a bomb blast.

GSA, ISO & BSEN Approved

AGT’s Glass Shield has been tested for its impact performance and blast mitigation protection to European, British and American standards.

Glass Shield offers the best form of protection available, maximising your vehicles defence against attack, vandalism, theft and even terrorism.


AGT’s Glass Shield is guaranteed against delamination, cracking or adhesive failure for a period of 10 years.