Vemotion VB-26

Vemotion VB-26

The new VB-26 from Vemotion is a very small form factor 4 channel live video transmitter and recorder with an integrated cellular modem.

The VB-26 is designed to stream high-quality live video over wireless and mobile networks with ultra-low latency and high-efficiency video encoding.

The ability of the VB-26 to deliver quality video even over low bandwidths will make the product a compelling choice for those who require data saving, ease of use and reliability in a compact package.

Uniquely the VB-26 can provide up to 4 simultaneous output streams from one or more cameras.  In conjunction with Digital and Optical PTZ, it provides the ability for overview and areas of interest simultaneously from the same camera (or multiple), saving on space, equipment and power.

The high-quality recorded footage can be replayed and downloaded remotely from the control centre. The unit can be viewed in many VMS platforms such as Milestone, Genetec, Airship, ViewCommander and more.

The VB-26 makes use of Vemotion’s optimised video compression and unique, low latency, V-TX transmission technology; technology which is fully encrypted and secure. This further differentiates it within the marketplace while delivering ease of use and rock-solid performance.

All Vemotion’s products are designed to be ‘plug & play’, to be highly reliable, and to put you in complete control of the bandwidth used. Also, they all work without the need for any specialist SIM cards or expensive airtime contracts, so keeping usage costs to a minimum.

For more information on Vemotion’s VB-26, please visit us on stand C102.

Vemotion VB-26