Veracity delivers essential paper on the critical differences between IT data and Video data at the San Diego Security Show

Veracity delivers essential paper on the critical differences between IT data and Video data at the San Diego Security Show

Prestwick, 18th January 2017 – Veracity, a leading provider of innovative, intelligent solutions that solve real-world IP video challenges in transmission, storage and display, takes a leading slot in delivering a Paper explaining the critical differences which exist between IT data and Video data, exposing misconceptions that are common across the surveillance industry.

Veracity will be both presenting and exhibiting at the San Diego Security Show which is being held at the Town and Country Convention Center in San Diego, CA., on January 25th and 26th, 2017.

“Larger numbers of cameras, generating greater image quality and longer retention times for today’s safer cities, all point towards the need for very high capacity storage systems for video surveillance data.  These storage systems can often represent 40% to 50% of the overall system cost, so the choice of storage solution is critical” says John Kampfhenkel, Director of Technical Sales for Veracity.  “Furthermore, traditional storage solutions are a high-maintenance component of the system and frequently have the shortest useful lifetime, leading to increased TCO.”

John’s presentation highlights that, in almost all other areas of business, the customers’ understanding of key differences between two engineered products would lead them to choose the one most suited to the job. For video data, the norm is to use an IT-based architecture and try to make it more reliable. “It’s like choosing to use an SUV over an Indy 500 racing car to take part in the Indy 500. They’re both capable of doing the job, but one of them is designed from the ground up to achieve the desired goal.”

On display at Veracity’s booth will be COLDSTORE™, an award-winning innovative solution for video surveillance systems requiring long term retention with the highest levels of reliability.  The revolutionary sequential storage system delivers much higher disk reliability, offers a 90% power saving over equivalent RAID-based systems, long life time and lower total cost of ownership, yet still provides all the storage security, system redundancy and performance required by this demanding market.

Offered as a 3U high, 150TB unit that uses only 0.4W per Terabyte, COLDSTORE is also a part of the innovative TRINITY™ architecture which eliminates the need for Network Video Recorder (NVR) servers by allowing IP cameras to record directly to COLDSTORE. TRINITY is currently supported by open platform cameras from Axis Communications, Hanwha Techwin, UDP, Mobotix and other leading brands.