Viva Las Vegas! Viva Security!

Viva Las Vegas! Viva Security!

Security professionals join architects, engineers, planners and facility managers to discuss how they plan electronic security systems into projects they are working on and how to use building design in reducing the effects of terrorist attack. Both workshops run parallel to the enormously successful industry trade show ISC-West, sponsored by the Security Industry Association (SIA).

Haines Security Solutions, Owner/CEO Doug Haines commented, “What better venue than at an event bringing more than 38,000 professionals together to see and talk about the latest security technologies. It seemed like a ‘no brainer’ to get them together to discuss their challenges, exchange ideas on lessons learned and share our experiences in developing mitigation strategies and integrating security technologies in to inhabited space. We’re looking forward to an extremely productive interdisciplinary dialogue”.

During the Planning Electronic Security Systems for Buildings and Compounds workshop attendees will learn basic and advance concepts in the implementation of electronic technologies in securing facilities they are responsible for. Attendees will be very active as they “roll up their sleeves” to participant in a variety of group activities with industry peers. This 3-day workshop is 3-5 April.

The Using Building Design to Reduce the Effects of Terrorist Attack workshop focuses on the idea that preventative measures must be in place prior to the event to be effective. Instructors will cover 25 proven strategies that can be incorporated into both the internal and external built environment. A round table discussion on current active shooter tactics and the possibility that current building design standards are contributing to mass casualty counts with round out the curriculum. This 1-day event on 6 April 2017 is sponsored by Amulet® Protective Technologies.

Workshop attendees have the added benefit of free admission to a Ballistics’ Certification class conducted by Amulet® Protective Technologies. “We look forward to informing security integrators about the versatility of Amulet® Ballistic Barriers as a proven layer of protection for a variety of threat scenarios. Providing product information and certifying participants in Amulet® Ballistic Barrier use following a workshop that speaks to active shooter and other threats seems like a natural fit”, said Jeff Isquith, President and CEO, Amulet® Protective Technologies, Inc.

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