What is THE GRID

What is THE GRID

If you are a two-way radio user, and you work in and around London, then you need to know the answer to the question “What is THE GRID”.

THE GRID is G6’s London-wide secure, digital radio network.  Coverage extends within the North/South circular for users with a low-power hand portable radio, and to the M25 (and beyond) for users with a high power vehicle mounted radio.  This provides coverage at an amazing amount of key venues in and around London such as Heathrow Airport, London City Airport, Battersea Heliport and all of the major sporting venues across Central & Greater London.

Unlike many other two-way radio companies, we do not overload our network with users in order to maximise profit.  We give a guaranteed Grade of Service of 95%, meaning that 95% of calls will go through first time.

THE GRID is not open to just anyone.  We only allow users whose radio-communications are ‘Mission Critical’ to use the network.  Typical users include:

  • Close Protection Teams
  • Surveillance Operators
  • Residential Security Teams
  • Static & Mobile Security Patrols
  • Secure Couriers
  • Emergency Service Special Units
  • Government Affiliated Agencies

Access to THE GRID is not prohibitively expensive, with basic service starting at just £35.00 per radio per month with additional services available as required.

To find out more call Andrew Clark on 07768 501775 or email andrew@g6-global.com